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Welcome to Bust*A*Move! Party Bus Services Throughout Perth


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Are you trying to organize a fun pub crawl? Or maybe you are looking for a cool way to attend the next school ball, concert or wedding reception? Or maybe you’ve never been on a party tailored bus, but think it sounds like fun?

Whatever the event or celebration, let Bust-a-Move get you there in style. Our awesome 45 seat buses are perfect for any occasion, from bachelor parties to work company outings. We can even arrange wine tours and under age tours.

Our party atmospheric bus for hire is guaranteed to get you in the party mood and take every guest’s energy to the next level. Contact us please send us a quote from our website.

The Buses

Our well equipped buses are one of the main things that sets us apart from other companies in the industry. The state-of-the-art audio system has a Pioneer surround sound unit, plus 11 speakers and three massive subwoofers. Our buses also have colourful LED lights to enhance the overall experience.

At Bust-a-Move, we understand that the right music is crucial for creating the right atmosphere. This is why our spectacular coach has an audio system that can play CDs, USB sticks, iPods, iPhones and other devices. You and your friends will be in charge of the music and can play whatever you like. Nothing sets the tone for the night like a custom made playlist.

We also have the only bus that allows you to celebrate while traveling for hire in Perth with 45 seats that face inward. This makes it easy for everyone to see and talk to each other without having to turn around. Many customers also love that our seats are comfortable and have a retro style.

Our buses are specifically designed to create an upbeat atmosphere while traveling to your destination. So email us a Quote today to hire a bus for a party.

The Tours

If you have an event already planned such as a school ball or New Year’s party, we are a great option for bus hire in Perth. Our buses allow you to turn any trip into a party from festival and concerts to weddings and birthday parties. Wherever you and your friends are headed, we can get everyone there and back safely.

If you’re still looking to plan the details of an event, we also offer the following tours:

Pub Crawls: This is a great option for celebrating a birthday party or just a fun night out. Pub crawls are also perfect for bucks parties and hens parties. Our spectacular bus can accommodate whatever venues you and your friends prefer throughout the greater Perth area.

Our bus hire service for pub crawls can also take you to hand-selected venues one of our packaged tours. All of these venues give our customers free entry and some of them even offer free drinks. These routes have been selected strategically to provide maximum fun for you and your friends. For the convenience of all guests, we also book these venues in advance.

Wine Tours: We offer several wine tour options at Swan Valley. Not only does this area have several award winning wineries, but it also has a truly picturesque landscape. Aside from the great wine, Swan Valley offers craft beers, gourmet food, amazing chocolate and much more.

You can choose whichever wineries, breweries and restaurants you’d like to visit. Or you can choose one of our five recommended routes. Each of these routes have been selected for the venue’s great drinks and delicious food, as well as proximity and convenience.

Under Age Tours: Adults aren’t the only ones who can have a blast on our party buses. This is why we offer under age tours to accommodate people of all ages. We do require supervision for these tours, so you will need a mum, dad, sister, brother or a responsible friend. The supervisor has to be at least 18 years old.

For our under age parties, we can take you and your friends wherever you’d like to go. Some of the most popular spots are Timezone, Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hyde Park, Kings Park and Bell Tower. Other fun tours head to roller skating parks, bowling alleys, ice cream shops, restaurants and the movies. Our under age tours are perfect for birthday parties, graduation celebrations and much more.

For more information about our unique tours, give us a call today.

Why Hire a Bus From Us

Our bus for hire service offers a unique and fun experience for all of the party’s guests. We also provide a safe and convenient solution, so nobody has to worry about drinking and driving or getting a taxi. This ensures that everyone can have a great time without the need to take any risks.

Our special buses are another thing that sets us apart. Unlike the typical buses you had in grade school, our buses are specifically designed for maximum fun and entertainment. This is why we make sure that all seats face inward so you can easily interact with all other guests.  The high quality sound system and LED lights are another great feature of our buses.

Our equipment and staff are committed to creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere on the way to any destination of your choice. The drivers of our festival, atmospheric bus are professional and friendly, so they’ll be sure to pick you up on time and show you a great night. We know how excited you and your guests are for the party, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone has a blast.

Check out the testimonials section of our website to see why so many of our customers love Bust-a-Move. They compliment us on our great service and competitive prices. Some customers have even said that the bus ride is among the most memorable parts of their big night out. We are also proud that many customers recommend us to their friends and family.

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