Travel to Your Next Party While Partying On One of Our Buses!

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Travel to Your Next Party While Partying On One of Our Buses!

What better way to travel to your next party or event in Perth than in one of the funky buses in Bust-a-Move’s party bus fleet?

As Perth’s premier party bus provider, we’ve taken busloads (literally) of revellers to parties throughout Perth and we look forward to making your next party an occasion you won’t forget. Who says the journey can’t be just as much fun as the destination!

Why Arrange a Party Bus?

So, why should you arrange a party bus for hire to take you to a party in Perth?

Firstly, our party buses are great fun for all. With their inward facing booth-style benches everyone can chat and mingle as you pick up friends along the way.

Secondly, Bust-a-Move’s party buses are totally exclusive in that it will only be you and your mates on board the bus as you party your way through Perth.

This means it will be your tunes pumping through our Pioneer surround sound system, so you’ll get the party started well and truly before you arrive.

And thirdly, arranging a party bus for hire with Bust-a-Move is a much safer and more convenient option than driving or catching a taxi to a party or event.

Not only does it eliminate the temptation to drink and drive, but it also eliminates the hassle of searching for a taxi late at night with all the problems that often entails.

Whether you’re attending an event in trendy Northbridge, a gathering at one of Perth’s heavenly city beaches, or you and your mates are looking to make the entrance of the evening at a party in Alexander Heights, Bailup or Calista, our cool party buses represent the best way to make your way there and back home again.

What’s more, the more of you there are, the more affordable hiring our red or blue party bus will be – that’s surely a reason in itself to make a night of it!

And as we can pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area, you’re not limited regarding starting and finishing points in any way.

Party to the Party and Home Again!

Our red and blue party buses are renowned throughout Perth as the ultimate way to travel to an event or party. We regularly escort revellers to events and parties around town and our friendly drivers love to show off their local knowledge of our fair city.

As that’s so, if you’re rearing to get the party started early by stopping off at a pub in the CBD or City Beach, or a chic nightclub in Highgate or Mount Lawley on the way home, that’s easily arranged. Just give us a call and we’ll work something out.

If you’re looking to arrange a party bus for hire in Perth, get in touch with Bust-a-Move today. Not only do our red and blue party buses represent a great way to get the party started, but they’re also the safest and most convenient way to travel.