Buses & Tours Of A Lifetime

Buses & Tours Of A Lifetime

Party Bus Tours For You

Bust a Move is a Party Bus Services Company located in Perth, Western Australia. With years of experience and service in this highly competitive industry, our company has made several leaps towards the perfect party bus service for all different ages. Providing a safe and convenient solution in case of many different scenarios such as drinking, our company has ensured that everyone inside the party bus can have a great time without having to take any sort of risk. With the coach hiring available throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area, the buses allow you to turn any trip into a memorable party, whether it be weddings and birthday parties to festivals and concerts.

Apart from the many adult coach hire services in Perth such as Wine Tours, we also have an amazing party bus hire service, such as the underage tours. Our underage party bus tours are a lot of fun and best of all, they are safe and extremely convenient. We love to listen and adhere to what our customers want and that is why we can take you to wherever you want, as long as it is in the Perth Metropolitan Area. However, with underage tours, a responsible adult with a minimum age of 18 years is a must in order to provide supervision. Other than that, the party bus is willing to take you anywhere along Perth and is great for many different occasions such as birthday parties and graduation celebrations, paving the way for maximum enjoyment.

Another of our one of a kind tours that we have for our bus hire in Perth is the pub crawls. This is one of our clients’ favorite activity and it is surely one amazing way to spend your evening in a memorable way. The coach hire service for pub crawls provided by our amazingly unique company delivers the option of pre-selecting pubs that allow free entry and sometimes even free drinks. We have a standard pickup time of 7:30 pm and a drop off time of 11:30 pm, allowing for 4 hours of amazing and memorable time. And what’s more is that apart from the pre-set list of places we provide you with, we also allow you to choose your own venues that allow for maximum enjoyment for you. However, the only down part of it is that if your ‘new’ venue varies from our original route, you will have to pay a petty fine for it.

Now you must be wondering why so many people talk about our coaches and why they love our coach hire services in Perth. Well it’s simple: our buses are made for maximum fun! Our wide array of party coaches are guaranteed to satisfy every one of our customers’ needs and wants. Whatever the event, our awesome 45 seat buses are perfect for any occasion and are bound to get you to your desired occasion in style. Additionally, our buses have the latest state of the art audio system consisting of a Pioneer surround sound unit, 11 speakers and 3 subwoofers, and colorful LED lights that are bound to make your experience more colorful. Moreover, our audio system is very multifunctional, meaning that it can play CDs, USB sticks, iPods, iPhones and many other devices ensuring that you get the right music (for which you and your friends will be in charge for) in order to create an incredible atmosphere.

To draw to a close, Bust a Move is a highly esteemed company that provide the best services for coach hires in Perth. With years of experience in this competitive industry, we have managed to perfect our services for buses and venues in order to create memorable nights for all of our clients. Moreover, our prices are great, allowing you great value for your money so be sure to call now for the best valued coach hire deals in Perth for you!