Celebrate in Style With a Birthday Party Bus

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Celebrate in Style With a Birthday Party Bus

Create an unforgettable experience for an upcoming birthday celebration.

A party bus is a great way to celebrate a birthday in popular hotspots throughout the city. And without having to worry about transportation or having designated drivers for the night. Your driver takes care of the rest as you continue the party on the road.

Here are other reasons to celebrate with a party bus:

  • Book for as long as you want to all your favourite venues
  • Enjoy alcoholic beverages throughout the night
  • Party at a single location or different destinations
  • Experience a memorable night with all your friends

Make your upcoming birthday extra special by organising an epic party. Hiring a party bus gives you the flexibility to choose wherever you want to go in Perth and surrounding areas. All without the hassles of arranging transportation.

Here are some ideas to organise an amazing party.

1. Pub Crawl
Pub crawls are always a weekend favourite.

With your own party bus, you won’t need to only stick around in one place. Enjoy drinks at one bar then head off to the next destination for more rounds. Popular bars around the city include:

  • 1907
  • Purl
  • Carnegie’s
  • Empire Bar
  • The Paddo
  • The Paramount
  • Tiger Lil’s
  • Burswood
  • Wolf Lane
  • Andaluz Bar
  • Helvetica Bar

Bust a Move offers suggested pub crawl routes but feel free to mix and match your favourite spots. We will assist in booking your preferred venues and informing all pub staff ahead of your arrival. Note that some bars have time restrictions so plan accordingly.

Drinking on the bus is strictly prohibited due to alcohol consumption laws in WA and carries hefty fines. Please remember to bring your ID with you as most venues will refuse entry without proper ID. Prices depend on your itinerary and how long you book for.

Be sure to fill out our online form for an exact quote.

2. Wine Tours
Indulge the senses along the Food and Wine Trail featuring award winning wineries and breweries, fine restaurants, and markets. The trail also takes you through an array of galleries and heritage sites. Located only a 25 minute drive from the Perth CBD, Swan Valley is the oldest wine growing region in Western Australia.

You will definitely want to sample many of the beverages here. A party bus takes care of your transportation needs as you will be taken from winery to winery and not have to worry about who will be driving. Then you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants as you take in the beautiful views.

Swan Valley is the perfect destination for birthday celebrations. This region delivers a unique experience and is widely renowned for many of its delicacies.

Wine tours from Bust a Move run from 11am to 5pm with 3 or 4 stops of your choice. We can also adjust the start and finish times or add more hours to better suit your itinerary. Opening times vary for each winery. We recommend that you contact the venues of your choice ahead of time to book your group in.

With its award winning eateries and breathtaking views, we cannot recommend Swan Valley enough.

3. Beaches
Celebrate an upcoming birthday by making a day trip to some of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. There are plenty of spots that are only a short drive from Perth for snorkelling and sunset drinks.

Here are some popular beaches that are perfect for birthdays:

● Cottesloe Beach: One of Perth’s most iconic beaches, Cottesloe is only a 15 minute drive from the city. Many swimmers choose this location for its crystal clear waters. Prepare a picnic or book a table at one of the stylish eateries nearly.
● Scarborough Beach: Scarborough is a great choice for watersports and surfing. There is also the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre which hosts a wide array of events from music festivals to comedy shows. After staying for the sunset, make your way to one of the pubs or clubs for drinks.
● City Beach: Although fairly small compared to other beaches, City Beach continues to be a popular destination and for good reason. It boasts beautiful white sand beaches and spectacular views. Enjoy live music and a vibrant atmosphere at the beachside restaurant.

There are many others to choose from but these are some of the most popular.

Spend the whole day at a beach of your choice, then head into the city to keep the party going. We are happy to make recommendations and can make bookings in advance. Bust a Move is here to make your upcoming birthday party extra special.

Book With Bust a Move
Celebrate an upcoming birthday in style with birthday party buses from Bust a Move.

Our buses are fully equipped with sound systems and LED lights to keep you and your friends entertained on the road. Each can accommodate up to 45 passengers, making them perfect for larger groups. Our drivers are professional and always show up on time.

Whether you are organising a pub crawl, a special tour through Swan Valley or something completely different, we get you there in style. We take the stress and hassle out of arranging transportation. No more having to hail cabs late at night or worry about having designated drivers.

Contact us today or use our online form to request a quote for our birthday party buses. We will get back to you shortly.