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Fun Parties and Tours in Western Australia

At Bust-a-Move, we offer several different tours on our party buses. Whatever the occasion for a celebration, we can help everyone get in the right mood to enjoy the night. Our buses offer a convenient and safe solution, eliminating the need for anyone to worry about finding a taxi or driving after drinking.

Here are the tours we offer:

Pub Crawls: Looking for a night out on the town with all of your friends? If so, we have the perfect solution. Whether you’re celebrating your best friend’s birthday or a graduation, pub crawls ensure that everyone has a blast. They are also a great option for bucks parties and hens parties.

You can choose whatever pubs you want or you can use one of our four packaged tours. We specifically selected the venues on these tours based on their vibrant atmosphere and convenient proximity to one another. The pubs on these routes have also waived any entry fees and a few even offer some free drinks.

Wine Tours: These tours take your group to Swan Valley so that everyone can indulge in amazing wine, as well as boutique beers, gourmet food, and high-quality chocolate. In addition to these tasty treats, Swan Valley also offers remarkable views and natural beauty.

You and your friends can pick your favorite wineries, breweries, and restaurants in for these tours. If you prefer, we have several recommended routes. The venues on these routes have been hand selected for their delicious food and drinks. The routes have also been selected to ensure a fun and convenient trip to each venue.

School Balls: Our party atmospheric buses are perfect for you next school ball as we can pick you up and drop you off. By travelling with us, everyone in your group can start having a blast even before the school ball starts. We also make a stop at Bell Tower or Kings Park for photos of you, your date and your group of friends.

Our party bus has LED lights and a surround sound stereo system, as well as several powerful speakers and subwoofers. The stereo can play iPods, iPhones, USBs and several other devices. We encourage you and your friends to bring your favorite music to enhance this fun night.

Under Age Tours: This is a great way for anyone under 18 to travel to parties, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a school event. We can take the group to an arcade, bowling alley, fast food joint or any other venue. Popular choices include Kings Park, Bell Tower, Scarborough Beach and other local attractions.