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Discover an Easy Breezy Transport to Festivals, Concerts, Races, Pubs and Clubs


Everyone loves a fun day or night full of music, party, and drinking activity, however, the downside is the fact that, with these activities, there will be a huge crowd and there will be alcohol so getting a taxi or driving to the venue and back is always a pain.

To solve this issue, nothing is better than getting your transportation sorted properly before the day and no transportation is more perfect than bus hire from Bustamove.

Who Needs Taxi – Get a Bus Transfer for Festivals, Concerts, and Races

How many times you went to a music festival and stuck after the festival ended because you can’t find any taxi and driving to the event is just impossible with the limited parking and the inevitable alcohol you would have to drink at the festival. Make this problem an old news by getting a bus hire as your transportation of the day.

Our party buses are big enough for 50 people. The seating arrangement is fantastic for socialising and mingling. The spacious interior equipped with a groovy atmosphere of light and sound plus a dance floor to warm up and get you in the party mood on the way and keep the high after the event ended all the way back home.

So whether it is Big day out, Stereosonic, Day on the Green, Parklife, or Future music, plan a hassle free transportation and enjoy the great music and awesome company.

Not only music festival and concert goers who love our service, those who enjoy the thrill of racing events such as Perth cup, Ascot Races, Avon Decent, and West coast blues and roots can also let us provide a convenient transportation service for a complete delightful day.

Drink Don’t Drive – Hire a Bus for Pub & Club Crawls

Drink driving is a crime and try to get a taxi while you are wasted might not be the best idea either. Whenever you plan a night out fills with a flow of booze, think of our bus transfer and transport service.

We offer you a one-way transfer or a round-trip transportation to and from your entertainment hub of choice, such as the Crown Casino, Cottesloe Hotel, Matisse Beach Club, Breakwater Hillarys Boat Harbour, or even a brewery house like Little Creatures.

If a pub or club crawl is on a card, we also can serve you. We will work with you to create a crawl that is right for your style and preference. The number of stops and how long you will stay in each venue is absolutely up to you! One of the most popular themes for pub crawl is Irish pub crawl. Enjoy your drinks at all the Perth favourite Irish pubs like The Cure, Fenians Pub, Frior Tuck’s, Clancy’s Fish Pub, Carnegies, Durty Nelly’s, Fibber McGee’s, J.B. O’Reilly’s and many, many more.

Drinking on the bus is not allowed, but our spacious and comfortable bus with the astonishing equipment is so pleasant that you will arrive at the next venue before you know it.

Book a party bus and expect a top notch service from Bustamove and even an extra VIP entry and discount on drinks offered from some pubs and clubs.

Request a quote and book online, or call 08-9444-2214 for more information