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Bust A Move Bring You The Greatest Hens Party Tours

It’s another friend’s wedding and you are one of the bridesmaids or the maid of honour with a duty to organise a hen night. The goal is having a superb party that will be memorable for everyone, especially the bride. Let our bus hire service help you to create a successful hens party that everyone will continue to gush about for a long time.

Activities for A Hens Night

Because girls (too) just wanna have fun, we can help you with all the amazing plans you have in mind for your best friend. Pick one of the below options that will please your friends most and let us help you make it an awesome night full of smiles and giggles.

Girls Cheeky Night Out

One of the top choices for hens night is going for an exceptionally sassy and naughty night out with all the girls. Take your girls to a sexy pole dancing class at Bobbi’s Pole Dancing or enjoy yourselves with the special service from yummy gorgeous men at Top Shelf Entertainment and Delicious at Downstairs Voodoo Lounge, Collar, and Cuffs, or even an exclusive bus stripper on the way to Kings Park.

Karaoke Party

Karaoke party – It’s fun, it’s amusing and everyone loves it, or at least can have a laugh with it. Get your voice ready for the delightful karaoke party at the venue of your choice, whether it is Dragon Palace, Crown Karaoke, or Ferrara Karaoke.

Wine Tour and Coastal Pub Crawl

If deliciously tipsiness is what you are looking for, organizing a sophisticated wine tasting tour or a pub crawl night out with your friends could always be a safe bet that all the friends will enjoy. Being merry with delicious drinks and cocktails at Little Creatures, Cottesloe Hotel, Matisse Beach Club, and Breakwater at the Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Lose yourself in the extravagant entertainment for the night. We will make sure that your special night will be full of giggles and joy all night long.

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