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Why Our Party Buses Are Better!

Many people ask about our buses and what makes them the best party buses in Perth. That’s a difficult question to answer, and not because we’re short of reasons why our buses are better, but because there are so many things that distinguish our buses from the rest that we don’t know where to start! Anyhow, here we go!

Pumping Sound Systems and LED Lights
When you hire a party bus in Perth you naturally want to party. That’s why our red and blue party buses both boast pumping Pioneer sound systems with no less than eleven speakers, three giant subwoofers and wild, colourful LED lights.

We realise that you want to get the party started as soon as you set foot on the bus and not wait until you arrive at your destination. As that’s so, our buses’ stereo systems play a variety of devices – like iPhones, iPods, iPads and smartphones – so you can play the role of DJ along the way. Just ask your driver to play your tunes and they’ll happily play whatever it is you give them.

Inward Facing Seats
You’ve surely experienced bus rides where you’d like to chat to your friends along the way, but can’t because of the way the seats are set out. Like a school bus type layout where everyone looks at the back of the person’s head in front of them.

You won’t, however, experience anything like that on the best party bus in Perth. All the booth-style benches on our unique red and blue party buses face inwards so you can strike up conversations and chat as you party your way to your destination.

No other party bus provider in Perth offers a seating arrangement like this, making our buses even more special and unique than those offered by other party bus hire companies. Take a look at our photo galleries and you’ll immediately understand why this unique seating arrangement has proven so popular among Perth revellers.

Our Drivers
Here at Bust-a-Move, we’ve made quite a name for ourselves by providing our clients with exceptional party bus hire services. We’re completely committed to ensuring that our clients’ days or nights out in Perth are truly special in every way.

To ensure your party bus experiences are exceptional each and every time, we hire experienced, friendly and sociable bus drivers who place the utmost importance on our clients’ satisfaction.

Not only do they have an intricate knowledge of Perth and the surrounding areas that enables them to make insightful recommendations – and get you to your destination on time – but they’re also completely professional and prioritise your personal safety.

Safety is an important aspect of every outing and we’ve gone to great measures to ensure our all clients enjoy a day or night out that’s not only fun, but safe as well.

If you have any enquiries about our party buses and what makes them the best in Perth, please get in contact with the Bust-a-Move team. We’d love to hear from you.